Customized Sports Equipment Manufacturers

Reasonably-priced, high quality goods for your region, direct imported from Pakistan. Why pay more at home?

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Customized Sports Equipment Manufacturer.

Service Range others

- Made to order productions

- Merchandizing

- Print Screen, embroidery etc. and logo creations, graphic amendments & works for our customers

- 100% Production Quality Control (QC), Handling and Packing

- Air & Sea Export ex Pakistan.

Made in Pakistan

Products: Majority "Made in Pakistan" Pakistan has an amazing turnover on sports goods and garments.

Several Textile & Garment organizations make sure that the country produces under international standards and conditions.


No child labor is involved in any productions. Profit from this vivid and fair play production place.

Made to order

Sport, Leisure, School wears any products according our website as
Sports Wear & Gear   www.xanziasports.com

Can be reproduced if the quantities are reasonable and the goods are not in stock anymore.

- Production on request with your own badge, color, cut, emblem, embroidery, label, logo, pattern, print, size, etc.

- For your company, club, event, label, store, team, etc.

Business aim:

- Our focus is on customer satisfaction, i.e. we export only "good or best quality" products mainly from Pakistan
- We grant full guarantee on all products and we meet our customers individual needs as far as possible
- Satisfied customers worldwide reward us with their loyalty


- Wholesalers, Retailers, Teams, Clubs, Sport-, Fashion-, Online-shops and world-wide Internet customers

 Price - Order - Payment:

- Low priced with consistent high quality products
- Bulk discount prices enable you to achieve high margins with our products.
- Our recent marketing research showed that our prices are much lower compared to brands of same or similar quality in Europe (for example for Football Kits approximately 40% less). Profit from it!

Import Tax - Customs:

Any customs or import duties/taxes are charged by the delivering transport company once the package reaches its country of destination. Additional charges for customs clearance must be paid by the customer. We have no control over these charges and cannot 100% predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country and you may wish to contact your local customs office or post office for further information.

Link to all major customs Websites world-wide

Return Policy:

Our return policy is simple. Within 30 days after receiving your order, you may return any item in its original condition at a full refund, if the goods are damaged or not received as ordered. Please check carefully our size charts before you order. We cannot offer refunds on wrong ordered sizing, personalized, customized items, such as football jerseys with names and numbers imprinted, T-Shirts with your print etc. as well as wrongly ordered sizes according to our size tables.

Take your time for your order and for wholesalers work with us with samples. They will convince you. Order Brochures, Price List & Delivery costs for your region

Shipping - Delivery:

Ex Pakistan with Postal Parcel, Mail, Courier, Cargo or Sea Freight Postal Parcel, Mail, Courier Express for smaller to medium sized orders we work with international forwarding companies such as DHL, EMS, Federal Express and Pak Postal Service.

Air Cargo or Sea Freight:

Several years of good experience with our cargo agent Blue Lines Logistics can assure you a correct packing and delivery to your Doorstep or airport. Export Documents and all needed Import papers (i.e. EC) are available.

No hidden delivery costs:

All our product prices are "ex works", i.e. they do not include any transport costs. We charge you only the real shipping costs depending on the way of transport you choose. Along with our invoice you also receive a copy of the forwarders shipping invoice.

Your Feedback:
Your Feedback is very important for us!

In order to improve our services, we appreciate any feedback on our handling and delivery procedures, product availability and product information as well as our website presentation (errors and/or usability).


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